I decided to write about this hostel because I think it is one of the best in the world.

It has BEST kitchen I have ever seen in a hostel, no kidding, actually I think it is not such an visible thing, the kitchen for a hostel, seriously how often do you think of a hostel by their kitchen? not too often do you, but I think this place’s kitchen was of a big appeal to me, like a kitchen in your house, we bought lots of dumplings and just treated ourselves. I did not encounter such a possibility of relaxation, cooking and eating anywhere else in Asia, I may sound like talking of minor things, but after a year of backpacking when you forgot what a rest is, what a home is, it does matter, those who have been in this situation will understand what I mean :))

So and it has 2 TV rooms, upstairs and downstairs, and it really feels more like a good hotel lobby, with a lot of interior, not just cold face of an official hostel, so it has helpful staff, the owner also organizes tours, and she is very helpful for information.

Price was also a big plus like 7$ for a dorm in winter time, I think it is about the same in summer.

Of course it has shower, free wifi, computer with internet also for fee too.


Tour type/number of people 2 pax 3 pax 4-6 pax 6-8 pax 8-10 pax 10-12 pax