The best time to visit Mongolia : Mongolia is varies from person to person. If you want to discover the ancient lifestyle of the nomads at its peak or to completely immerse yourself in the summer wilderness, it is best to visit Mongolia from May to September. During this period, under the warm blue sky, locals engage in diverse festivities and are brimming with enthusiasm. Our guests can conquer the dunes of the Gobi, sail the crystal-clear waters of Khovsgol, race with the wind on the steppes, hike the mighty mountains to the West or immerse in the one and only Naadam Festival. Affluent steppes and lush forests, lively wildlife and untarnished nature, its truly a wonderful time. If you want to experience the Winter Wonderland, visit Mongolia from October to March. Dog sledding on frozen lakes (Ice Festival), visiting “Bactrian” camel races (Thousand Camel Festival), searching for the rare snow leopards in the wild, partaking in eagle hunts (Golden Eagle Festival) – Mongolia does not hibernate. These wondrous activities are straight out of fairy tales and ooze magical mystery (only that they are real).