If you are planning to travel to Mongolia, we have prepared for you a comprehensive list of what is needed. Mongolia is a country of extremes and weather is unpredictable, and what you pack will depend on where and when you intend to travel, and how you travel – on tour, on a wilderness expedition or on a business.


Mongolian weather is unpredictable, and nights have been known to be a little less than warm even in the summer in some regions. Therefore, layers are always recommended: remember, you can always take layers off or put them back on. Raincoats and ponchos are a must for occasional rainy weather. Also, you will need trekking shoes for horse, camel riding and hiking.


It’s usually better to have a large, flexible bag instead of a hard suitcase to keep your main luggage in, because you will likely load it from luggage compartments to cars and so forth multiple times. You won’t be carrying it around with you every day, however, so it depends on the specificity of your trip. If you have pack animals (usually horses, or camels in some cases) carrying your luggage, soft bags are recommended.


What to pack in a small backpack: utilities for hiking or riding a camel/horse. Besides putting your daily items in a backpack, having a small bag with your valuables — like your wallet and travel documents—is handy. As far as dimensions go, it should be small enough to carry around at nearly all times and big enough to fit valuable items.


What you need to pack in your bag: sunglasses, flash-light or head lamp with batteries, sleeping bag, backpack bag water-proof cover, sun and mosquito cream, binoculars, camera, and camera accessories special for USB charger and personal medication. YOU NEED A SLEEPING BAG for Budget tours.