The Naadam festival is the biggest and most joyful holiday celebration for Mongolians. The festival comprises the “Three Manly Sports”: wrestling; horse racing; archery. 1024 wrestlers compete on the green wrestling field-there is no weight division. Mongolian wrestlers wear traditional Mongolian boots and special clothes for wrestling, Zodog-small open-fronted vest and Shuudag-shorts. There are 6 different categories of horse racing depending on the age of horses.

The riders, both boys and girls are aged between 6-12 and the distance of the race ranges from 15-30km.

Archery, originating from the era of Genghis Khan is the oldest sport in Mongolia. Traditionally, this was only a men’s sport but nowadays both men and women compete in separate divisions. Male archers shoot on a 75m range while female archers shoot on a 60m range.

Horse riding

We offering one day NAADAM TOUR!

  • 08:00    Breakfast at a restaurant
  • 09:30    Opening ceremony
  • 10:30    Starts wrestling in the stadium
  • 11:30    See the archery outside the stadium
  • 12:00    Visit to the Mongolian traditional game
  • 13:00    Picnic lunch
  • 16:00    See racing
  • 17:30   Go to Idre Hostel and try mare’s fermented milk and deep fried meat pie called “Khuushuur”.  Mongolians can’t imagine NAADAM FESTIVAL without “KHUUSHUUR”

The tour price includes:  English speaking guide, stadium entrance fee, breakfast and picnic lunch, transportation to the horse racing event

Note:  Early bookings 15% off before June 1, 2023 and we require a full payment.