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Scheduled Group Tours

  Advantage of touring with bigger group lets you make new friends with different nationalities and to experience different custom and culture. Also it's great way to budget your travel expenses and fun too. We form a group minimum of 8 people and up to 16 people. If number of people attending on tour is less than 8 will be suggested the individual tour from the website. 

Please click on the link to get detailed descriptions of each tour.  

June 21 - 25:  TOUR TO GOBI DESERT FOR 5 DAYS  $300US per person / from 8 - 16 people

June 27 - July 4:  TOUR TO THE LAKE KHOVSGOL FOR 8 DAYS $480US per person /from 8-16 people/

July 1 - July 21, July 23 - Aug 12:  TOUR TO CENTRAL & REINDEER, NORTH OF MONGOLIA FOR 21 DAYS  $1260 per person /6 -8 people/

July 13 - July 29 TOUR TO THE GOBI DESERT & THE LAKE KHOVSGOL FOR 17 DAYS $1020US per person /8-16 people/

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