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Mongolians appreciate their traditional culture, celebration and festivals.  There are many special occasions, holidays, performances, sporting events year-around.  The main holiday and sporting event are Lunar New year and Naadam Festival. 

Naadam Festival is held in every provinces and villages in Mongolia between July and August.

And you can’t imagine all these events without singing.  Mongolians love to sing.  They sing even while they’re riding horses. 

The Naadam Festival is the biggest and most joyful holiday celebration for Mongolians. The festival comprises the “Three Manly Sports” wrestling, horse racing and archery.
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The Camel Festival is organized by a local non-profit organization which is working on to protect and let grow the Bactrian camel population. It has become one of the most outstanding and entertaining event in the history of Mongolian Tourism Industry. Enjoy two days Celebration of Thousand Camel Annual Festival in the Gobi Desert!
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