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Northern part of Mongolia


Tour to Lake Khovsgol for 8 days

On this trip we'll have a great chance to explore gobi, lakes and mountains with forests. We'll visit both lakes Khovsgol and Great White. Khovsgol is the largest fresh water lake in Mongolia by volume, and second largest by area. Khövsgöl Nuur is nicknamed "Younger sister of the Sister Lakes (Lake Khövsgöl and Lake Baikal)". Lake Khuvsgul is located in the northwest of Mongolia near the Russian border, at the foot of the eastern Sayan Mountains. It is the second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia, and holds almost 70% of Mongolia's fresh water and 0.4% of all the fresh water in the world.

Accomodation YES
Duration 8 days, 7 nights
Group Size 2-16
Tour Distance 1880kms
Tour Operator Idre tour


Route:  Ulaanbaatar - Khogno Khaan- Kharkhorin/Erdenezuu/-Tsenkher hot spring-Great White lake- Lake Khovsgol-Uran togoo-Amarbayasgalant temple -Ulaanbaatar

Activities:  Horseback riding and camel riding, trekking, hiking

Availability:  From April to end of November

Price:  All prices are per day.













This itinerary involves a lot of driving.  If your prefer to stay in Ger camps there will be additional charge for it.

Note:  Difference between comfortable and budget is the accommodation.  Budget tour includes stay in nomadic family ger, comfortable tour includes stay at Ger camps which are a kind of 3*hotel standard.


We’lldrive to the Khogno Khaan mountain. Between Ulaanbaatar and Kharkhorin lies this red rocky mountain (1967m) and 46,500 hectare area. It is a perfect place for walking and good for spotting ibex, wolves and many varieties of hawk. The ruins of Uvgun monastery are hidden in one of its numerous valleys in the southern slope. The monastery was destroyed by the armies of Zungar Galdan Bochigtu, a rival of Zanabazar in 1640. We arrange a camel riding trip to the sand and spend over night in a Ger.


We’ll drive to the hot spring called “Tsenkher”. You can take a natural hot bath here. On the way we'll stopt at Erdenezuu temple museum and see 2 museums. Spend over night in tourist camp.


Today we’ll drive to the Great White Lake. Khorgo Uul is a dead volcano, which lies on the east of the lake of Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur in Arkhangai Province. The mountain of Khorgo is covered with basalts. The National park covers 28 square kilometers including Togoo Uul 2.240 meters above sea level and the Hill of the lake of Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. It has been protected since 1965.


We'll drive to Murun town of Khovsgol province.   


We'll drive a couple of hourse to Khovsgol National park covers 8.381 square kilometers including the Khovsgol Lake and its watershed, the Lake Basin, and parts of Zunii Saran Mountain. It has been protected since 1992. The Taiga forest has Euro Asian otter, beaver, moose, reindeer, argali, Siberian ibex, snow leopard, red deer, Siberian roe deer and many other wild animals.  We'll go hiking by the shore of the lake.


Today we’ll go for a day horseback riding around lake Khovsgol.  We'll spend the night in a family ger.


We’ll drive to Uran Togoo. The area is situated in Khutag Under village territory of Bulgan province. This beautifull mountain was initially protected in 1964.  Uran Togoo mountain is an inactive volcano with a unique natural form. We'll spend the night in a family ger.  


Drive back to the Ulaanbaatar.

Itinerary route:

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  • Transportation with fuel
  • Guide/cook/
  • Entrance fee for the National park
  • Accommodation at nomadic family ger
  • Full board
  • 1.5L of drinking water per person a day
  • Horse riding for a couple of hours
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Price for showers you might take along the way
  • Personal toileries
  • Tips for drivers & guides