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Central part of Mongolia


Family ger, Ger camp

Horse trekking tour to the Eight Lakes for 7 days

This trip will let you experience horse riding and enjoy the beautiful scene of Eight Lakes,Mount Khogno Khaan Nature Reserve, and the sand dunes nearby called "Elsen tasarkhai", learn about Buddhism and the history of Mongolia. Furthermore, you'll be able to experience typical nomadic family lifestyle.

Accomodation YES
Duration 7 days, 6 nights
Group Size 2-5
Tour Distance 1040 kms by car, 60kms by horse
Tour Operator Idre tour


Route: Ulaanbaatar – Kharkhorin, an ancient capital - Erdenezuu –Eight Lakes- Orkhon valley- Khogno Khaan mountain - Ulaanbaatar

Activities:  Horse trekking, hiking, visiting 2 museums, family stay

Availability:  from May to September

Price:  All prices are per day.














Tour price covers all expenses.  Comfortable tour will include accommodation in Ger camp once in this itinerary.

Day 1:

We’ll drive to Mongolian ancient capital, Kharakhorin, Chinggis Khaan's fabled city, was founded in 1220 in the Orkhon Valley, at the crossroads of the Silk Road. It was from there that the Mongol Empire was governed until Kubilai Khan moved it to Beijing. It served as the capital for 40 years. Following the move, and the subsequent collapse of the Mongolian empire, Karakorum was abandoned. Whatever was left was used to help build the glorious Erdene Zuu monastery in the 16th century. Nearby, Turkish monuments and rock inscriptions erected in 8-9th centuries in memory of outstanding fighters for independence. We’ll spend the night in a family guesthouse.

Day 2:

We’ll drive to “Buureg” the spot where we’ll start our horse trekking to the Eight Lakes.  We’ll spend the night in a tent.

Day 3:

We’ll start our horse trekking to the Eight Lakes. The Eight Lakes (Khuisiin Naiman Nuur) are in the Khangai mountain range of Mongolia.  The lakes are named Shireet, Khaliut, Bugat, Khaya, Khuis, Onon, Doroo and Bayan-Uul. Some of the smaller lakes are dried up, the second largest lake Khuis Nuur is dried up to ten percent.  The area covers 11,500 hectares around the lake in the Uyanga village territory of Ovorkhangai province to the southwest of the Khangai mountain range.  The Eight Lakes are surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Khangai mountain range. We’ll arrive at Khuis Lake and will spend the night in a tent.

Day 4: 

We’ll continue our horse trekking to the Shireet lake, which is the largest lake of the Eight lakes.  And then we’ll ride back to the other lake and spend the night in a tent.

Day 5:

We’ll back to the spot where we started our horse trekking and spend the night in a tent.  

Day 6:

We’ll drive to Khogno Khaan mountain, which is a magnificent place with mountains, trees, steppes, Gobi-type desert and mineral water sources all in one location. There are many wild animals such as wolves, deer, foxes and snow leopards inhabited here.  There’s an extraordinary sand dune called Elsen Tasarhai. "Elsen tasarhai" is a part of the Great Mongolian Sand dunes and it’s about 80kms long. The scenery is a perfect combination of desert, picturesque mountains, river and green grassland.  We’ll spend the night in a family ger.

Day 7:

We’ll drive back to UB.

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  • Transportation with fuel
  • Guide/cook/
  • Entrance fee for the National park  
  • Museum fee for Erdene Zuu and Kharkhorin
  • Accommodation at nomadic family ger or Ger camp
  • Full board
  • 1.5L of drinking water per person a day
  • Horse trekking for 3 days
  • Horse trekking guides
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Personal toileries
  • Tips for drivers & guides