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Horse trekking tours


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Horse trekking tours

Are you looking for unique adventure in Mongolia? And you want to feel what a real nomadic is? Then our horse trekking is for you!

Accomodation YES
Duration 3-10 days
Group Size 2-6 people
Tour Distance 70-170kms
Tour Operator Idre tour


  There are three itineraries for horse trekking which start from Terelj National Park and waterfall in Orkhon Valley.  Our horse trekking tours are with small group size, high quality, and eco-friendly.

1.       Horse trekking to GUNGIIN TEMPLE  for 3 days:   Horse trekking to/from Gunjiin temple involves 70kms. Terelj NP is just 70kms away from Ulaanbaatar. 

2.       Horse trekking to Khagiin Khar Nuur(nuur means lake)for 10 days:   Horse trekking to/from Khagiin Khar Nuur involves 170kms.

3.       Horse trekking from Waterfall to  Eight Lakes for 4 days:  waterfall in Orkhon Valley is 495kms away from Ulaanbaatar.  Horse trekking to/from Eight Lakes involves 125kms.

Note:  The place we spend the night will depend on how far the riders will be able to travel.  We’ll have just a picnic in the afternoon. We’ll have a full breakfast and dinner.

Prices:  The price will depend on number of people joining the tour.

Horse in Terelj NP area is:  30USD per horse a day

Horse in Orkhon Valley is:  18USD per horse a day

Tour guide:  60USD per day

Food & accommodation:  18USD per person a day.

Transportation from Ulaanbaatar:  

To/from Terelj NP:  220USD

To/from Orkhon Valley:  558USD

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