Welcome to the land of the blue sky


Southern part of Mongolia


Family ger

Tour to Gobi for 5 days with flight

You will see there an eternally clear sky, blue mirages, golden sands and boundlessly expansive steppe lands, wild asses,ibexes camels, mountain sheep and gazelles flourish here, as do different types of flora. That’s the Gobi Desert of Mongolia! The area is often imagined as a lifeless desert like in many other parts of the world. Gobi Desert is a land of dinosaurs and it is the home for camel breeders rich with wildlife and vegetation. Dinosaur skeletons and their petrified eggs have been preserved here to the present day.

Accomodation YES
Duration 4 nights, 5 days
Group Size 2-6
With flight
Tour Distance 560kms
Tour Operator Idre tour


Route: Bayanzag -Khongoryn Els- Yol valley-Dalanzadgad

Activities:  Camel riding for a couple of hours at Khongoryn Els, hiking

Availability: From mid May to End of August

Price:  All prices are per day















Note: Difference between comfortable and budget is the accommodation.  Budget tour includes stay in nomadic family ger, comfortable tour includes stay at Ger camps which are a kind of 3*hotel standard.

This itinerary can be one day shorter according to your flight schedule.


We'll fly to Dalanzadgad center of South Gobi province.  We'll drive to Bayan-Zag which means "rich in Saxaul Shrubs" is more commonly known as the "Flaming Cliffs" of Bayan-Zag, famous for its discovery of dinosaur fossils. Many dinosaur fossils and eggs were found in this area. It's classic desert of rock, sand, scrub, sun and awesome emptiness. We'll spend the night in a family ger.


We’ll drive to the Khongoryn Els Sand Dunes.The Khongoryn Els sand dunes extend along the northern side of Sevrei and Zuulun mountain ranges. These dunes are 100 km long, 5-6 km wide and up to 200m high. There is a small oasis near Khongoryn gol stream, which flows along the northern edge of the dunes. The scenery here is simply spectacular. We'll spend the night in Ger camp.


We'll climb and hike to the top of the tallest sand dunes.  Also, if you want, you may walk alongside the river for about 10 kms. You will ride the two humped bactrian camels through huge sand dunes.  We'll spend the night in a family ger.


We'll do a full day driving to the Yolyn Am in the middle of the Gobi desert National Park which is a strictly protected area, covering 70sq.kms. We’ll visit Yolyn Am (Vulture's Gorge), a deep and narrow gorge. It is notable for a deep ice field which reaches several meters thick till July. The mountains are the highest in the Gobi Desert and the rocky scenery is quite interesting. It is enjoyable to watch the waterfalls streaming over the rim in winter. Only two people can pass in the narrowest part. Despite sunshine, the place is quite dark, if you see the sky, it is only as a narrow blue line. We’ll spend the night in Ger camp.


We will drive to Dalanzadgad and fly back to Ulaanbaatar.

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  • Transportation with fuel
  • Guide/cook/
  • Entrance fee for the National park
  • Accommodation at nomadic family ger and ger camp
  • Full board
  • 1.5L of drinking water per person a day
  • Camel riding for a couple of hours
  • Flight tickets to/from Dalanzadgad
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Price for showers you might take along the way
  • Personal toileries
  • Tips for drivers & guide
  • Tour guide's flight to/from Dalanzadgad