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Eastern part of Mongolia


Family ger

Tour to Terelj for 3 days

This trip is great for people who don't have much time and want to discover Mongolia. On this trip you’ll be able to visit Chingis Khaan Statue Complex, visit nomadic family and go horseback riding for a day in Terelj National Park.

Accomodation YES
Duration 3 days, 2 nights
Group Size 1-26
Tour Distance 160 kms
Tour Operator Idre tour


Route: Ulaanbaatar - Manzushir Monastery ruin-Chingis Khaan Iron statue-Terelj National Park- Ulaanbaatar

Activities:  Horse riding, hiking trekking, visiting local family

Availability:  All year around.

Price:  All prices are per day.














Note:  Note: Difference between comfortable and budget is the accommodation.  Budget tour includes stay in nomadic family ger, comfortable tour includes stay at Ger camps which are a kind of 3*hotel standard.


We’ll drive to the Manzushir temple ruin where the Bogd Khangai National park was protected first in the world. Manzushir Monastery was built in 1733 lies on the southern end the Bogd Khaan National Park. The monastery had 70 temples and more than 1000 monks. Unfortunately, the Manzushir monastery was destroyed in 1932 during Stalin's purges. Nowadays, the only remaining temple has been restored to its former glory. A visitor to the area can enjoy the beautiful landscape, visit the museum displaying some original photos and artifacts the temples and displays the flora and fauna the surrounding area, touch the copper bowls that once fed 1000 lamas, and take a hike to visit the paintings Taras and deities on the rocks overlooking the valley. We’ll visit natural museum and will do a hike and trek. After lunch break we’ll drive to Terelj National park which is one of the most popular destinations for travellers. On the way we'll visit Chingis Khaan iron statue.  We’ll spend the night in nomadic family ger.

Day 2

Terelj National park is located 70 kilometers north east of Ulaanbaatar, in Hentii mountain range and borders the Khan Hentii Strictly Protected Area. Terelj is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, interesting rock formations. We’ll go horseback riding around picturesque area for a day and spend over night at nomadic family ger.

Day 3

We’ll do trekking to the meditation temple and after lunch we’ll drive back to UB.

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  • Transportation with fuel
  • Guide/cook/
  • Entrance fee for the National park
  • Chingis Khaan statue fee
  • Museum fee at Manzushir Monastery ruin
  • Accommodation at nomadic family ger
  • Full board
  • 1.5L of drinking water per person a day
  • Horseback riding
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Price for showers you might take along the way
  • Personal toileries
  • Tips for drivers & guides